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polo ralph lauren uk head office At the dawn of the shallow halo has not yet reached the top of my forehead , bright water dew in mapping out the sky was filled with the fragrance of the grass in colorful taste . In the first ray of sunshine has not been raised before the mountains misty clouds disperse, I alone went up to the legend of the long wooden warehouse source .

In ventured, fairy avatars amazing, and the legend appears to stop , only a puddle of chilly spring water, gushing from the foot of the sudden jump . Tiger ? Yakuza ? Just hit the headlines the world waving Ben Smart flaunt world outside the canyon away .

Rum , today I would like to come polo ralph lauren uk head office , will you still call the Valley echo , or you look back on the fall of the truth in front of the intersection , quietly waiting for me.

I Nao one dews , has come to the end of the canyon Namo , actively look for your cold, wet millennium , look at the evidence of the earth you forget gap . You say a good story , my foot in your Shizumori moon and brilliance in your heart carefully draw a Bay Rivers go.

You make my obeisance today , you said some dusty old things, just landed in the arms of mountains and rivers , buried in the soil of immortality . You tell yourself not regret millennium , love is still in my heart yesterday , marshes change to make love behind me . Who will open the chaotic world of Mongolia from? And who handle elusive , sitting watching Shaohua old ? There's only you and me here .

I was , you have a shallow lake heart of rum polo ralph lauren uk head office ; you is me, lying there Whitewater River a tear . Just waiting for the call of the night , how deep love, love there is much pain , rain down three thousand years , waiting for you to cold, wet , only for the love of one fathom . Now you come to take away the bad evil and sorrow , the legendary handprint left ①, spread to a Buddha's heart , I millennium bond degree , of my worldly Red wash numerous world Acacia bitter sorrow .

I come from a long way , approached up to Long Wharf wood , stood in silence to your door . Only looked one to you , all the tenderness around you - all the tenderness of the original is silent love your fence, a Deep grass caught around you . Around you, but just a shallow Millennium reincarnation, but I smile a deep search for your leisurely look back .

I know that there is a burden polo ralph lauren uk head office , is the fate of come and go seamlessly . I also know that there is a relief, after Nirvana is dedicated interpretation of eternal love .

All the way to the dust , is a Menggou my heart , I was blinded in this world and in between endless walk through ignorance . Once, one is you , one for me. Now, a bunch of legends from the pious , a warm palm , full shoulder lines leading to the Buddha , that I love you a thousand years of heartache condensation - the folds.

Here is to you, did not I have been here . ......

Notes: ① Langmusi on the side of a cliff polo ralph lauren uk head office , the legend there was a cave , title through sea water surge than the ocean village into a pasture . Suddenly there is a guru to date , approached Li hit beat up, sealed the caves , from watertight. So , that one larger hands and India , with the mountains and rivers as partners, there is sun and the moon as evidence, leaving millions of years depending on the cliff clarity visible.